Sunday, June 26, 2011

Birch Hollow

We did the Birch Hollow trail on June 13th. We started at the Birch Hollow/Pipeline trail just below the winter gate. The first part is a good climb up to the Pipeline trail but then levels off as you climb up Mill Creek. It is very easy to miss the turn-off for Birch Hollow. The climb up to the bowl is nice but it get's pretty steep as you begin to summit the ridge. It is a terrific view from the top of the ridge. There is a peak off to the west where we summit the ridge but we didn't see a very well defined trail to the top. As we started the decent Gary caught up and was not going to miss the view. He made a good push to the top and we started back down. Once we got back on Pipeline it was a fun push back to the car. Most trails we go on don't allow you to really open up and run it as fast as you dare but this section of pipeline is just perfect; slight downhill and the trail is nice and clear with some great turns and rolling hills. By the time I got back to the car Jer and Garhett had headed off down the canyon road. We loaded up and started driving down. I couldn't believe that they had made it past Church Fork before we caught up to them. They were flying. Great night.

Total distance:
Starting elevation:
Ending Elevation
Runners: Ben, Jared, Garhett, Gary, Anthony, Jer and Ryan

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