Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Little Cottonwood Canyon - Red Pine Lake

We went up to Red Pine Lake on August 23rd. This has always been one of my favorite hikes. We've been very lucky to have such great weather on our runs. This was no exception. Jer set a great pace. I've never made it to the lake in so short of time. True, Craig was waiting at the top and well rested but nothing new there. He's an animal. The trail is really nice up to the first turn off at the river and then it flows pretty well for another mile or so. After that it get's a little rocky. The trail is wide enough that the rocks don't slow you down much but it did slow us down on the decent. The last half mile is the steepest and you finish with a good burn.

Total Miles: 7
Starting Elevation: 7580
Ending Elevation: 9620
Time up: 1hr
Time down: 1hr
Runners: David, Craig, Jer and Ryan

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Millcreek Canyon - Terrace/Pipeline Trail

Monday's run was up the Terrace's trail up to Elbow Fork then down Pipeline trail. The Terraces parking lot is just below the gate up Millcreek Canyon. You can drive up the road through the gate but the gate closes at 10. We parked on the North side parking lot and ran up the road to the trail head. Just a few paces up the trail splits. The trail going South is Bowman Fork and the one going East goes to Elbow. It follows the ridge of the canyon then drops down to the road and you cross the bridge at the bottom. It's a pretty route unfortunately the trail up the canyon was really slanted and hard to stay on. By the time we got to the road my right foot was pretty sore from running the slant. However the run down pipeline was a lot of fun. David kept a fast pace and the trail is nice and clear. David suddenly stopped and we could hear some crashing through the brush. He said we had been chasing something down the trail. Smaller than a deer but larger than a raccoon. He never got a good look at it, it was always just ahead of him. We walked for a bit before picking up the pace and finishing the run. It was a nice night and perfect weather. 
Total Miles: 6
Starting Elevation:5827
Max Elevation: 7052
Ascent: 1422
Time: 1hr 25 min
Runners: David, Ben and Ryan

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mill Creek Canyon - Bowman Fork Trail

We were planning on doing the Terraces run up to Elbow Fork then down Pipeline but instead followed the Bowman Fork Trail. It's a terrific trail that is quite clear most of the way. The trail gets thinner after 2 miles and makes it a little slower on the way down. We stopped at the Alexander Basin turnoff and went up that trail for the view. The Bowman Fork trail would lead to Goblers Knob which is a pretty steep climb. I was surprised to see a turnoff for Alexander Basin. That would make a fun loop run but you would want to drop a car or have a 3-4 mile run down the canyon back to the car. We really enjoyed this trail and I'm looking forward to going up again and coming down Alexander Basin.

Total Miles: 6.8
Starting Elevation: 6042 ft
Max Elevation: 8554 ft
Ascent: 2512 ft 
Time: 2hrs
Runners: Jer, David, Colin and Ryan

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