Monday, September 13, 2010

Bell's Canyon - Waterfall

Bell's Canyon is nice because it is so close. It's a steep climb as you start heading up to the reservoir. There is a nice break in the climbing for a little as you run past the reservoir and turn off to the east towards the falls. It continues till just past the river and then it starts to really climb. It's a real leg burner going up. We were only able to keep a quick walk up the steep rocky trail. You hit a split in the trail and you can hear the waterfall off to the left. We were fortunate to have a full moon which reflected off of the granite walls lighting up the waterfall. It was a great view. We continued up the trail for another 15 minutes. The trail continued to get steeper and tougher to navigate with all of the rocks. We headed back down with a slow decent until it leveled. Overall it was a fun run with great views. However the trail was tough and from the parking area up to the reservoir and back had a lot of people. It's a fun hike but not a great running trail.

Total Miles: 3.5
Starting Elevation: 5258
Hightes Elevation: 7190
Ascent: 1932
Runners: David, Sam, Jer and Ryan

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