Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Big Cottonwood Canyon - Lake Blanche

Lake Blanche has always been one of our favorite places to go. The trail is challenging but there are some great views at the top. Park just before the s-curve up Big Cottonwood Canyon. The trail starts at the top of the parking lot and follows a paved path for the first little bit before going up to the right. It is very well marked and easy to follow. They leave the gate open during the summer and we did see some people camping at the lake. The trail is a very steady climb the entire way. There are 2 other lakes just above Lake Blanche and that would add about .25 mile to your trip. The trail is fairly rocky and slows you down on the descent. Most of us stumbled a few times. It was quite cool at the top but the large rock face was still warm from the sun and felt good to lay down on for a few minutes.

Total Miles: 6.4
Starting Elevation: 6232
Ending Elevation: 8925
Ascent: 2749
Time: 2 hrs
Runners: Jer, Craig, Ben and Ryan

At the bottom of the map (in very small letters) it says to click her to view larger map. This will open a new page and give you a better way of viewing the trail.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Little Cottonwood Canyon - Sunset Peak

It's been a few weeks with vacation and holidays but it was nice to get out on Monday. Two weeks ago Jer, Craig, David and Josh went up to Sunset Peak for a Monday night run. I wanted to make it up there myself. Fortunately, David was the only repeat runner this last week and agreed to take us up there again. It was a challenging trail starting at such a high elevation. However the view into Heber at the peak was great. The trail started at the upper parking lot of Alta. You could shave off a couple miles by driving up the dirt road but we parked and ran up the road to the trail head. We saw a lot of deer along the road and on the trail. A passing driver warned us of a moose and baby by the side of the road but we never saw them. David mentioned that 2 weeks ago there was a lot of snow towards the top. So much snow that they were able to slide down a fair amount off of the peak. We saw a few patches of snow but the trail was clear and mostly dry. On the way back down David took a short cut that took off a half mile of the trail back. If you stay on the trail and road both up and back it would be 8.25 miles total. I marked 2 waypoints. The first is the Brighton boundary marker the other is the peak itself.

Total Miles: 7.89
Starting Elevation: 8800
Ending Elevation: 10659
Total Ascent: 1868
Time: 1hr 45 minutes
Runners: David, Ben and Ryan
Runners same trail June 28th: Jer, Craig, David and Josh

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