Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Big Cottonwood Canyon - Mule Hollow

I found Mule Hollow on "Hike of the Week" in the SL Trib. It's a nice trail for hiking. Not the best for running. It's a pretty steep and rocky climb up the trail. It crosses the stream many times. Good workout going up and I didn't mind the river crossings (gave me a minute to catch my breath) but I slipped a few times and quickly soaked both my feet. The trail is a little tough to follow in a few places but with Craig leading the way we didn't get off course for too long. The trail leads up to a sealed mine. You can still see the rail tracks and some other scrap metal around the area. It's too rocky and steep to be able to run much of the return trip. We probably had to walk 75% of the way down. It's difficult to find the trail head. It starts after the Storm Mountain Amphitheater and just after the blind curve around the mountain edge. There is a gravel parking area on the North side of the road. The trail heads straight North and you'll follow the stream almost the entire way.

Total Miles: 2.6
Starting Elevation: 4528
Peak Elevation: 5735
Total Ascent: 1215
Time: 1hr
Runners: Craig, David, Jer and Ryan

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