Friday, June 11, 2010

Great Western Trail - Big Mountain

Craig provided another great trail for us to run. The trail starts from the East Canyon Road and follows the Great Western Trail up to Big Mountain and back. The trail started with some tough switchbacks but then leveled out for a good portion of the trail until you reached the base of the peak. It's great to be able to see Salt Lake, Bountiful, and Park City from one spot. Great views. We didn't run into any snow but it was pretty windy and chilly at the top. Usually we have something random happen on the trail but this time it was on the drive up. We had 7 guys crammed in my Tahoe heading up the canyon when a police officers lights turned on and pulled me over. I had neglected to dim my brights on some oncoming vehicles and he was worried I was inebriated. He kept looking back at Jer. I guess he looked the most hungover. After he realized we were just crazy and not drunk he let us go with no ticket. Between that and the 20 deer on the road the drive up took a little longer than it should have.

Total miles: 5.2
Starting Elevation: 7472
Peak Elevation: 8434
Elevation gain: 1040
Runners: Jer, Craig, David, Ben, Bryan, Colin, Ryan

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