Friday, June 18, 2010

Great Western Trail - Bald Mountain

Monday's run was up to Bald Mountain via the Great Western Trail. I loved this trail. We started from the same parking lot as Big Mountain. The total elevation climb from start to finish is only 357 feet, however you drop into a deep valley after the initial climb. After .8 miles you reach 7521 feet then drop slightly and have a bit of a flat run until 1.2 miles where you drop to 7428 ft. After that you climb a few more good hills and have some terrific level trail that curves around the ridge. It's a beautiful trail and a lot of fun. Usually once we reach a peak we know that heading back will be downhill. Not on this one. It was a real switch to have long hill climbs going both ways. We had a smaller group this week but I think we all enjoyed the run. It was made particularly small because none of us could keep up with Craig.

Total Miles: 6.6
Starting Elevation: 7521
Peak Elevation: 7878
Total Ascent: 1705
Runners: Craig, Josh, Colin and Ryan

View GWT Bald Mountain.kmz in a larger map

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