Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Big Cottonwood Canyon - Mule Hollow

I found Mule Hollow on "Hike of the Week" in the SL Trib. It's a nice trail for hiking. Not the best for running. It's a pretty steep and rocky climb up the trail. It crosses the stream many times. Good workout going up and I didn't mind the river crossings (gave me a minute to catch my breath) but I slipped a few times and quickly soaked both my feet. The trail is a little tough to follow in a few places but with Craig leading the way we didn't get off course for too long. The trail leads up to a sealed mine. You can still see the rail tracks and some other scrap metal around the area. It's too rocky and steep to be able to run much of the return trip. We probably had to walk 75% of the way down. It's difficult to find the trail head. It starts after the Storm Mountain Amphitheater and just after the blind curve around the mountain edge. There is a gravel parking area on the North side of the road. The trail heads straight North and you'll follow the stream almost the entire way.

Total Miles: 2.6
Starting Elevation: 4528
Peak Elevation: 5735
Total Ascent: 1215
Time: 1hr
Runners: Craig, David, Jer and Ryan

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Great Western Trail - Bald Mountain

Monday's run was up to Bald Mountain via the Great Western Trail. I loved this trail. We started from the same parking lot as Big Mountain. The total elevation climb from start to finish is only 357 feet, however you drop into a deep valley after the initial climb. After .8 miles you reach 7521 feet then drop slightly and have a bit of a flat run until 1.2 miles where you drop to 7428 ft. After that you climb a few more good hills and have some terrific level trail that curves around the ridge. It's a beautiful trail and a lot of fun. Usually once we reach a peak we know that heading back will be downhill. Not on this one. It was a real switch to have long hill climbs going both ways. We had a smaller group this week but I think we all enjoyed the run. It was made particularly small because none of us could keep up with Craig.

Total Miles: 6.6
Starting Elevation: 7521
Peak Elevation: 7878
Total Ascent: 1705
Runners: Craig, Josh, Colin and Ryan

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Great Western Trail - Big Mountain

Craig provided another great trail for us to run. The trail starts from the East Canyon Road and follows the Great Western Trail up to Big Mountain and back. The trail started with some tough switchbacks but then leveled out for a good portion of the trail until you reached the base of the peak. It's great to be able to see Salt Lake, Bountiful, and Park City from one spot. Great views. We didn't run into any snow but it was pretty windy and chilly at the top. Usually we have something random happen on the trail but this time it was on the drive up. We had 7 guys crammed in my Tahoe heading up the canyon when a police officers lights turned on and pulled me over. I had neglected to dim my brights on some oncoming vehicles and he was worried I was inebriated. He kept looking back at Jer. I guess he looked the most hungover. After he realized we were just crazy and not drunk he let us go with no ticket. Between that and the 20 deer on the road the drive up took a little longer than it should have.

Total miles: 5.2
Starting Elevation: 7472
Peak Elevation: 8434
Elevation gain: 1040
Runners: Jer, Craig, David, Ben, Bryan, Colin, Ryan

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