Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mill Creek Canyon - Salt Lake Overlook

Wet run last night. Plenty of snow on the trail but the mud wasn't much of a problem. Terrific view at the top of the Salt Lake valley. The trail is pretty nice for a run. There are a few tricky spots with some rocks and some of the trail gets narrow with steep ledges off the side of the trail. It would make for a quick but painful way down the mountain. Add the slippery snow and I think everyone came close to going over the edge at least once. It would be a much better run without the snow but that's what makes it memorable.

Total Miles: 4.6
Starting elevation: 5773
Ending elevation: 7055
Total climb: 1282
Time: 1hr 50 min
Runners: Jer, David, Ben, Bryan and Ryan

View Millcreek SL Overlook.kmz in a larger map

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