Tuesday, May 4, 2010

City Creek

We had a great run Monday night. We were lucky to have terrific weather and a fun group. This was the first time I've been up this canyon and I couldn't believe how many trails there are. Good steady climb at the first and then it levels off at the top. The trails continue in all directions with rolling hills and great views. We got turned around on the way down and came down the canyon too quickly. We retraced our tracks and came out too far east. After trespassing on someone's property (sorry) and hopping their fence we got back to the road. We ended up running the road back to the car. Still a great run. It's much easier to get turned around or take a wrong trail on these lower Salt Lake trails. Adding in that we are running, at night and I was leading (always a bad idea) it's tough to stay on the same path. I'm looking forward to going up that canyon in the future and learning the trails better.

Miles: 6.9
Starting Elevation: 4652
Ending Elevation: 5869
Total climb: 1217
Time: 1 hr 30 min
Runners: Jer, David, Troy, Ben and Ryan

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  1. Even with a GPS unit, Ryan managed to get us lost! j/k Ry... That was a blast!

  2. In my defense my iphone is a terrible GPS unit. I'll never forget my Garmin again. However it was really fun watching everyone climb over the rod iron fence. I just kept waiting for the home owner or the neighbors to come running out with a shot gun.