Monday, April 19, 2010

Shoreline Trail, Dry Creek Canyon

Fun run Monday April 12th. The snow and rain was really coming down. We hit some pretty big puddles and mud but it was great to get out. The trail felt like running on jello. I'd like to run the trail again when it dries out. On the way back Craig was on the other side of a ravine cruising back to the car when I saw a large animal running up to the trail he was on. It was ahead of Craig and really moving. I couldn't make out what it was and it disappeared behind some trees. I yelled to Craig. It disappeared in some trees and then reappeared above Craig. It hit the ridgeline and you could tell it was a deer. Still got the blood pumping. The trail starts up by the Huntsman Cancer Institute.

Total Miles: 4.6 (Craig, David and Jer probably did over 5)
Starting Elevation: 5139 ft
Ending Elevation: 5901 ft
Total: 762 ft
Runners: Craig, David, Jer, Sam, Ryan

View Shoreline Trail above Huntsman Cancer in a larger map

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  1. That was a great run up the not so dry, Dry Creek. Seeing large animals very close to you in the dark definitely puts an extra spring in your step. I really do love running in the snow sometimes.