Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mill Creek Canyon - Mt. Aire 2010

Mt. Aire was the first run I posted last year. I'll start separating posts as we run trails over again by putting the year that we do the run. Mt. Aire is a tough run that has no recovery portions of the trail. It makes a steady climb from the first and doesn't stop until you reach the top. Jer set a grueling pace and we reached the ridge in 25 minutes. I had to break for a few minutes on the ridge to catch my breath get my legs back. We made it to the top in 45. It's has a great view of Parley's canyon and the surrounding peaks. The intensity of the run was great and well rewarded.

Total miles: 3.6
Starting Elevation: 6712
Ending Elevation: 8415
Total Ascent: 1875
Time: 1hr 11 minutes
Runners: Jer, David and Ryan

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Mill Creek Canyon - Loop trail Desolation and Dog Lake

The trail that started it all. This is the first trail that Jeremy took me on that  got me hooked on trail running. It is still my favorite. The view's into Park City, passing by 2 lakes (Desolation and Dog Lake) and the great trail make this an excellent and challenging run. The trail starts at the top of Mill Creek Canyon. It was really cold at the parking lot but I think that is the coldest spot on the entire route. Just after the start there is a split in the trail; 1 that takes off to the left up a lesser used trail and 1 off to the right up a hill. We have taken both routes. This map shows the route taking the left trail. They both meet up a few miles later and reach the same ridge overlooking Park City.

Total Miles: 10.2
Starting Elevation: 7800
Highest Point: 9658
Total Ascent: 2350
Total Time: 2hrs 32 minutes
Runners: Jer and Ryan

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Bell's Canyon - Waterfall

Bell's Canyon is nice because it is so close. It's a steep climb as you start heading up to the reservoir. There is a nice break in the climbing for a little as you run past the reservoir and turn off to the east towards the falls. It continues till just past the river and then it starts to really climb. It's a real leg burner going up. We were only able to keep a quick walk up the steep rocky trail. You hit a split in the trail and you can hear the waterfall off to the left. We were fortunate to have a full moon which reflected off of the granite walls lighting up the waterfall. It was a great view. We continued up the trail for another 15 minutes. The trail continued to get steeper and tougher to navigate with all of the rocks. We headed back down with a slow decent until it leveled. Overall it was a fun run with great views. However the trail was tough and from the parking area up to the reservoir and back had a lot of people. It's a fun hike but not a great running trail.

Total Miles: 3.5
Starting Elevation: 5258
Hightes Elevation: 7190
Ascent: 1932
Runners: David, Sam, Jer and Ryan

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Millcreek Canyon - Millvue Peak

We tried going up to Millvue Peak late last year and were skunked because of the snow. It was nice to get to the top this year. The trail starts at Elbow Fork up Millcreek Canyon. Follow the Lambs Canyon trail until you reach the saddle. The trail up to Millvue is difficult to find and is not travelled much. It heads to the south just before the sign pointing to Lambs Canyon . The trail up isn't too difficult to follow going up the trail. When you get to the ridge if follows east until you can see the peak. We lost the trail a few times but it was easy to catch it again and make it to the top.  Great views from the top of Gobblers Knob, Parleys Canyon, Park City and Salt Lake. We lost the trail numerous times on the way down and it was nice to have a GPS to make sure we didn't get too far off course. Except for the part were my legs felt like jello it was good trail.

Starting Elevation: 6690
Peak Elevation: 8845
Total miles: 4.8
Runners: Jer, Craig and Ryan

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Little Cottonwood Canyon - Red Pine Lake

We went up to Red Pine Lake on August 23rd. This has always been one of my favorite hikes. We've been very lucky to have such great weather on our runs. This was no exception. Jer set a great pace. I've never made it to the lake in so short of time. True, Craig was waiting at the top and well rested but nothing new there. He's an animal. The trail is really nice up to the first turn off at the river and then it flows pretty well for another mile or so. After that it get's a little rocky. The trail is wide enough that the rocks don't slow you down much but it did slow us down on the decent. The last half mile is the steepest and you finish with a good burn.

Total Miles: 7
Starting Elevation: 7580
Ending Elevation: 9620
Time up: 1hr
Time down: 1hr
Runners: David, Craig, Jer and Ryan

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Millcreek Canyon - Terrace/Pipeline Trail

Monday's run was up the Terrace's trail up to Elbow Fork then down Pipeline trail. The Terraces parking lot is just below the gate up Millcreek Canyon. You can drive up the road through the gate but the gate closes at 10. We parked on the North side parking lot and ran up the road to the trail head. Just a few paces up the trail splits. The trail going South is Bowman Fork and the one going East goes to Elbow. It follows the ridge of the canyon then drops down to the road and you cross the bridge at the bottom. It's a pretty route unfortunately the trail up the canyon was really slanted and hard to stay on. By the time we got to the road my right foot was pretty sore from running the slant. However the run down pipeline was a lot of fun. David kept a fast pace and the trail is nice and clear. David suddenly stopped and we could hear some crashing through the brush. He said we had been chasing something down the trail. Smaller than a deer but larger than a raccoon. He never got a good look at it, it was always just ahead of him. We walked for a bit before picking up the pace and finishing the run. It was a nice night and perfect weather. 
Total Miles: 6
Starting Elevation:5827
Max Elevation: 7052
Ascent: 1422
Time: 1hr 25 min
Runners: David, Ben and Ryan

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mill Creek Canyon - Bowman Fork Trail

We were planning on doing the Terraces run up to Elbow Fork then down Pipeline but instead followed the Bowman Fork Trail. It's a terrific trail that is quite clear most of the way. The trail gets thinner after 2 miles and makes it a little slower on the way down. We stopped at the Alexander Basin turnoff and went up that trail for the view. The Bowman Fork trail would lead to Goblers Knob which is a pretty steep climb. I was surprised to see a turnoff for Alexander Basin. That would make a fun loop run but you would want to drop a car or have a 3-4 mile run down the canyon back to the car. We really enjoyed this trail and I'm looking forward to going up again and coming down Alexander Basin.

Total Miles: 6.8
Starting Elevation: 6042 ft
Max Elevation: 8554 ft
Ascent: 2512 ft 
Time: 2hrs
Runners: Jer, David, Colin and Ryan

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Big Cottonwood Canyon - Lake Blanche

Lake Blanche has always been one of our favorite places to go. The trail is challenging but there are some great views at the top. Park just before the s-curve up Big Cottonwood Canyon. The trail starts at the top of the parking lot and follows a paved path for the first little bit before going up to the right. It is very well marked and easy to follow. They leave the gate open during the summer and we did see some people camping at the lake. The trail is a very steady climb the entire way. There are 2 other lakes just above Lake Blanche and that would add about .25 mile to your trip. The trail is fairly rocky and slows you down on the descent. Most of us stumbled a few times. It was quite cool at the top but the large rock face was still warm from the sun and felt good to lay down on for a few minutes.

Total Miles: 6.4
Starting Elevation: 6232
Ending Elevation: 8925
Ascent: 2749
Time: 2 hrs
Runners: Jer, Craig, Ben and Ryan

At the bottom of the map (in very small letters) it says to click her to view larger map. This will open a new page and give you a better way of viewing the trail.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Little Cottonwood Canyon - Sunset Peak

It's been a few weeks with vacation and holidays but it was nice to get out on Monday. Two weeks ago Jer, Craig, David and Josh went up to Sunset Peak for a Monday night run. I wanted to make it up there myself. Fortunately, David was the only repeat runner this last week and agreed to take us up there again. It was a challenging trail starting at such a high elevation. However the view into Heber at the peak was great. The trail started at the upper parking lot of Alta. You could shave off a couple miles by driving up the dirt road but we parked and ran up the road to the trail head. We saw a lot of deer along the road and on the trail. A passing driver warned us of a moose and baby by the side of the road but we never saw them. David mentioned that 2 weeks ago there was a lot of snow towards the top. So much snow that they were able to slide down a fair amount off of the peak. We saw a few patches of snow but the trail was clear and mostly dry. On the way back down David took a short cut that took off a half mile of the trail back. If you stay on the trail and road both up and back it would be 8.25 miles total. I marked 2 waypoints. The first is the Brighton boundary marker the other is the peak itself.

Total Miles: 7.89
Starting Elevation: 8800
Ending Elevation: 10659
Total Ascent: 1868
Time: 1hr 45 minutes
Runners: David, Ben and Ryan
Runners same trail June 28th: Jer, Craig, David and Josh

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Big Cottonwood Canyon - Mule Hollow

I found Mule Hollow on "Hike of the Week" in the SL Trib. It's a nice trail for hiking. Not the best for running. It's a pretty steep and rocky climb up the trail. It crosses the stream many times. Good workout going up and I didn't mind the river crossings (gave me a minute to catch my breath) but I slipped a few times and quickly soaked both my feet. The trail is a little tough to follow in a few places but with Craig leading the way we didn't get off course for too long. The trail leads up to a sealed mine. You can still see the rail tracks and some other scrap metal around the area. It's too rocky and steep to be able to run much of the return trip. We probably had to walk 75% of the way down. It's difficult to find the trail head. It starts after the Storm Mountain Amphitheater and just after the blind curve around the mountain edge. There is a gravel parking area on the North side of the road. The trail heads straight North and you'll follow the stream almost the entire way.

Total Miles: 2.6
Starting Elevation: 4528
Peak Elevation: 5735
Total Ascent: 1215
Time: 1hr
Runners: Craig, David, Jer and Ryan

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Great Western Trail - Bald Mountain

Monday's run was up to Bald Mountain via the Great Western Trail. I loved this trail. We started from the same parking lot as Big Mountain. The total elevation climb from start to finish is only 357 feet, however you drop into a deep valley after the initial climb. After .8 miles you reach 7521 feet then drop slightly and have a bit of a flat run until 1.2 miles where you drop to 7428 ft. After that you climb a few more good hills and have some terrific level trail that curves around the ridge. It's a beautiful trail and a lot of fun. Usually once we reach a peak we know that heading back will be downhill. Not on this one. It was a real switch to have long hill climbs going both ways. We had a smaller group this week but I think we all enjoyed the run. It was made particularly small because none of us could keep up with Craig.

Total Miles: 6.6
Starting Elevation: 7521
Peak Elevation: 7878
Total Ascent: 1705
Runners: Craig, Josh, Colin and Ryan

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Great Western Trail - Big Mountain

Craig provided another great trail for us to run. The trail starts from the East Canyon Road and follows the Great Western Trail up to Big Mountain and back. The trail started with some tough switchbacks but then leveled out for a good portion of the trail until you reached the base of the peak. It's great to be able to see Salt Lake, Bountiful, and Park City from one spot. Great views. We didn't run into any snow but it was pretty windy and chilly at the top. Usually we have something random happen on the trail but this time it was on the drive up. We had 7 guys crammed in my Tahoe heading up the canyon when a police officers lights turned on and pulled me over. I had neglected to dim my brights on some oncoming vehicles and he was worried I was inebriated. He kept looking back at Jer. I guess he looked the most hungover. After he realized we were just crazy and not drunk he let us go with no ticket. Between that and the 20 deer on the road the drive up took a little longer than it should have.

Total miles: 5.2
Starting Elevation: 7472
Peak Elevation: 8434
Elevation gain: 1040
Runners: Jer, Craig, David, Ben, Bryan, Colin, Ryan

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mill Creek Canyon - Salt Lake Overlook

Wet run last night. Plenty of snow on the trail but the mud wasn't much of a problem. Terrific view at the top of the Salt Lake valley. The trail is pretty nice for a run. There are a few tricky spots with some rocks and some of the trail gets narrow with steep ledges off the side of the trail. It would make for a quick but painful way down the mountain. Add the slippery snow and I think everyone came close to going over the edge at least once. It would be a much better run without the snow but that's what makes it memorable.

Total Miles: 4.6
Starting elevation: 5773
Ending elevation: 7055
Total climb: 1282
Time: 1hr 50 min
Runners: Jer, David, Ben, Bryan and Ryan

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Great Western Trail - Little Mountain

Thanks to James for showing us such a fun trail Monday. Nice runnable trail with rolling hills and great views. I actually was able to catch up to Craig once during the run. It might have been because Craig was having to run behind a porcupine, but I'll take whatever I can get. I believe this run was our biggest group yet. We had 9 people total with our very first female attending. Nice job Emily. David and I were running up the road back to the cars when a oncoming car had a deer jump right out in front of him. He swerved towards us missed the deer and was able to correct and miss us also. He didn't come all that close to us but David and I still just stood there for a minute shocked at what could have happened. I thought my heart rate was already at max but I realized it can go much higher. Look forward to next week.

Miles: 8.7
Lowest Elevation: 5985
Highest Elevation: 6900
Total Ascent: 1575
Time: 1hr 38 min
Runners: Jer, Craig, Troy, Ben, David, James, Sam, Emily and Ryan

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

City Creek

We had a great run Monday night. We were lucky to have terrific weather and a fun group. This was the first time I've been up this canyon and I couldn't believe how many trails there are. Good steady climb at the first and then it levels off at the top. The trails continue in all directions with rolling hills and great views. We got turned around on the way down and came down the canyon too quickly. We retraced our tracks and came out too far east. After trespassing on someone's property (sorry) and hopping their fence we got back to the road. We ended up running the road back to the car. Still a great run. It's much easier to get turned around or take a wrong trail on these lower Salt Lake trails. Adding in that we are running, at night and I was leading (always a bad idea) it's tough to stay on the same path. I'm looking forward to going up that canyon in the future and learning the trails better.

Miles: 6.9
Starting Elevation: 4652
Ending Elevation: 5869
Total climb: 1217
Time: 1 hr 30 min
Runners: Jer, David, Troy, Ben and Ryan

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Salt Lake Valley - Mt. Wire (Big Beacon)

We went up our first peak of the year. After having to run lower elevation trails and not summiting any mountains for the past few months it was great to get up on a high peak and have a spectacular view. We followed the same trail as last week but continued on up to the peak. We hit a couple muddy spots (actually Troy and Jeremy hit the muddy spots), but other than that the trail was clear and the weather was great. Got a little chilly up on top but warmed up quickly on the way down. We stopped by the Living Room again to enjoy the sights before coming down. Craig took a trail that put us on the road a bit out from the cars so he could kick our butts in a sprint to cars. I almost lost my dinner and I don't think I was the only one. Great way to finish the run! Challenging trail but well worth the effort. Looking forward to City Creek next week.

Miles: 5.3 total
Starting Elevation: 4977
Ending Elevation: 7139
Total climb: 2162
Time: 1 hr 35 minutes
Runners: Jer, Craig, Sam, David, Troy, Ryan

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Shoreline Trail, Living Room

What a great night for a trail run. Perfect weather. Long sleeve running shirt and shorts. We went up to the Living room from the Shoreline Trail. Brutal (at least I thought it was) steady climb but the view made it well worth it. It was nice to sit in the rock chairs at the top and take in the sights. We stopped counting the deer we saw. Every time you looked up the side of the mountain you could see 3 or 4 sets of eyes looking back at you.

Total Miles: 3
Starting Elevation: 4977
Ending Elevation: 6030
Total Elevation: 1053
Time: 40 minutes
Runners: Jer, Craig, Ryan

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Shoreline Trail, Dry Creek Canyon

Fun run Monday April 12th. The snow and rain was really coming down. We hit some pretty big puddles and mud but it was great to get out. The trail felt like running on jello. I'd like to run the trail again when it dries out. On the way back Craig was on the other side of a ravine cruising back to the car when I saw a large animal running up to the trail he was on. It was ahead of Craig and really moving. I couldn't make out what it was and it disappeared behind some trees. I yelled to Craig. It disappeared in some trees and then reappeared above Craig. It hit the ridgeline and you could tell it was a deer. Still got the blood pumping. The trail starts up by the Huntsman Cancer Institute.

Total Miles: 4.6 (Craig, David and Jer probably did over 5)
Starting Elevation: 5139 ft
Ending Elevation: 5901 ft
Total: 762 ft
Runners: Craig, David, Jer, Sam, Ryan

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wasatch Blvd through Tanner Park

This was a fun city run with some trails. Good climbs up to Wasatch blvd and a gut buster coming out of Tanner park. Jer ran me into the ground again. No mercy even after a long Saturday run.

Total Distance 6 miles
Time 54 minutes
Total Climb: 450 ft

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mill Creek Canyon - Rattle Snake to Church Fork

Great run with Sam again last night. The snow last week made it an easy trail to run. This week was more ice and mud. The decent down pipeline was much slower. Their was a ridge of snow along pipeline which made it more difficult to run. Nice night with great views.
Round Trip: 5.6 miles
Starting Elevation: 5194 ft
Ending Elevation: 5992 ft
Total Climb: 798 ft
Total time: 1 hr 20 min

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Mill Creek Canyon - Rattle Snake to SL Overlook

I have not sent out invites to have a group run yet. I'm not planning on starting the trail runs until April. However Sam B. and I went up to Mill Creek on Wednesday the 24th. We started at Rattlesnake and went up to Pipeline then west to the Salt Lake overlook and back. The snow really started coming down but it was a lot of fun. All of the elevation gain is in the first mile. After you reach Pipeline it's a great flat run. The view of the valley was pretty cloudy. We stayed at the over look for a couple of minutes and by the time we left you couldn't see any of the valley because of the incoming storm.
Miles: 3.5 round trip
Starting Elevation: 5194 ft
Ending Elevation: 5813 ft
Total climb 619 ft
Time: 50 minutes