Monday, October 26, 2009

Mill Creek Canyon - Mt. Aire

Mt Aire, Millcreek Canyon
Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We had a great turnout for this run. We saw the turn-off for this trail when we were running Millvue Peak the previous week. What I read about the trail online said that it was steep but a shorter hike. They were not kidding about it being steep. It was a constant steep climb almost the entire way. However the view was completly worth it. To be able to see down into Parleys canyon was very unexpected. I think everyone enjoyed the view. Mt. Aire starts up Millcreek canyon at the Elbow. Head left up the trail until you see a sign directing you left and you will shortly be crossing a foot bridge. It's straight up from there until it opens and flattens at the saddle. Take the trail on the East side up the peak. It heads East and climbs up the South side of the peak.

Distance Round Trip - Just under 4 miles
Elevation Gain - 1991ft (6630 to 8621)
Time - 1.5 hrs round trip.

Jeremy J. - Rich C. - Mike D. - Dave T. - Daniel B. - David B. - Ryan A.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Midnight Trail Runners First Post

Midnight Trail Runners is a blog I started so I could keep track of our night time trail runs. Then I have a place to reference how we liked the trails, distance, time, elevation, difficulty and anything we should remember for the next time.

Midnight Trail Runners History
This all started when Jeremy Jensen invited me on one of his favorite trail runs. We couldn't find a good time on a Saturday to go. We were always too busy or felt guilty leaving the family for yet another "guy activity" so Jer had the crazy idea of going after we put the kids to bed. We drove up to the top of Millcreek canyon and ran the 12 mile loop up to Desolation and Dog lake. Besides me not being able to keep up we had an awesome time. We started around 9 pm and finished at 12:30. The views were spectacular, weather and temperature were great and we were hooked. We decided to start doing a different trail run every Wednesday night. Not only do we benfit from the good exercise, great views, sense of accomplishment and release from stress we have gain great satisfaction in knowing we did something completly stupid.
At least it seems that way to most people. Whenever I mention what we are doing the fist look I get is one of bewilderment. Anyway, I've loved doing the trail runs and hope to continue.

The other reason I feel I need to do this blog is to repay all the people who's online information I've used to find and plan the runs.
The Internet has been a great resorce of trails and information. I hope to continue that so that some other nut who wants to run in the dark of night can find a few trails in the Wasatch.