Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dry Creek 2012

Great first run of the year. We had a fun group and perfect weather. There was only a few wet spots on the trail at the very first. After that the trail was very dry and clear. We made some distance quickly. The group split up after a few miles. One group went up a nearby peak and jumped from one to the next before coming down. My self and a few others stayed on the trail and went on to the "bobsled" bike trail. Congrats to Mark for his first trail run. He did awesome.

Distance: 7.44 miles
Ascent: 1580
Time: 1 hr 42 min
Runners: Jeremy, Blake, Hal, Shwawn, Daniel, Garhett, Ryan and Mark

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Birch Hollow

We did the Birch Hollow trail on June 13th. We started at the Birch Hollow/Pipeline trail just below the winter gate. The first part is a good climb up to the Pipeline trail but then levels off as you climb up Mill Creek. It is very easy to miss the turn-off for Birch Hollow. The climb up to the bowl is nice but it get's pretty steep as you begin to summit the ridge. It is a terrific view from the top of the ridge. There is a peak off to the west where we summit the ridge but we didn't see a very well defined trail to the top. As we started the decent Gary caught up and was not going to miss the view. He made a good push to the top and we started back down. Once we got back on Pipeline it was a fun push back to the car. Most trails we go on don't allow you to really open up and run it as fast as you dare but this section of pipeline is just perfect; slight downhill and the trail is nice and clear with some great turns and rolling hills. By the time I got back to the car Jer and Garhett had headed off down the canyon road. We loaded up and started driving down. I couldn't believe that they had made it past Church Fork before we caught up to them. They were flying. Great night.

Total distance:
Starting elevation:
Ending Elevation
Runners: Ben, Jared, Garhett, Gary, Anthony, Jer and Ryan

Friday, June 24, 2011

Bell Canyon 2011

We have been out doing trail runs this year but I've been to busy(lazy) to post the trails we have done so far. I'll work backwards from the most recent run. We've had some great trips so far and this was one of them. Bell is a great canyon but get's steeper the higher you climb. Towards the end it's just a stair stepping rock hopping trail. It makes for a slow decent but still fun. With the run-off as high as it is right now we thought it would be fun to see the falls. The river is unbelievably high. It was so loud that many times we thought we were at the falls. We missed the correct turn off and continued on up the mountain for a great view. We made our way back down taking many turn offs that we thought were the correct one to falls. When we finally found the water fall it was well worth the effort. We all stood in amazement at the falls. It was quite intimidating. We had some terrific runners with us that pushed us hard and made this a challenging run. I particularly enjoyed the sprint from the bridge down to the reservoir with Pete. The narrow trail with the close cut trees and corners was a lot of fun to navigate.

Total Miles: 6
Starting Elevation: 5238
Ending Elevation: 7232
Ascent: 2020
Runners: Jer, Ryan, Garhett, Pete and Mitchell

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mill Creek Canyon - Mt. Aire 2010

Mt. Aire was the first run I posted last year. I'll start separating posts as we run trails over again by putting the year that we do the run. Mt. Aire is a tough run that has no recovery portions of the trail. It makes a steady climb from the first and doesn't stop until you reach the top. Jer set a grueling pace and we reached the ridge in 25 minutes. I had to break for a few minutes on the ridge to catch my breath get my legs back. We made it to the top in 45. It's has a great view of Parley's canyon and the surrounding peaks. The intensity of the run was great and well rewarded.

Total miles: 3.6
Starting Elevation: 6712
Ending Elevation: 8415
Total Ascent: 1875
Time: 1hr 11 minutes
Runners: Jer, David and Ryan

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Mill Creek Canyon - Loop trail Desolation and Dog Lake

The trail that started it all. This is the first trail that Jeremy took me on that  got me hooked on trail running. It is still my favorite. The view's into Park City, passing by 2 lakes (Desolation and Dog Lake) and the great trail make this an excellent and challenging run. The trail starts at the top of Mill Creek Canyon. It was really cold at the parking lot but I think that is the coldest spot on the entire route. Just after the start there is a split in the trail; 1 that takes off to the left up a lesser used trail and 1 off to the right up a hill. We have taken both routes. This map shows the route taking the left trail. They both meet up a few miles later and reach the same ridge overlooking Park City.

Total Miles: 10.2
Starting Elevation: 7800
Highest Point: 9658
Total Ascent: 2350
Total Time: 2hrs 32 minutes
Runners: Jer and Ryan

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Bell's Canyon - Waterfall

Bell's Canyon is nice because it is so close. It's a steep climb as you start heading up to the reservoir. There is a nice break in the climbing for a little as you run past the reservoir and turn off to the east towards the falls. It continues till just past the river and then it starts to really climb. It's a real leg burner going up. We were only able to keep a quick walk up the steep rocky trail. You hit a split in the trail and you can hear the waterfall off to the left. We were fortunate to have a full moon which reflected off of the granite walls lighting up the waterfall. It was a great view. We continued up the trail for another 15 minutes. The trail continued to get steeper and tougher to navigate with all of the rocks. We headed back down with a slow decent until it leveled. Overall it was a fun run with great views. However the trail was tough and from the parking area up to the reservoir and back had a lot of people. It's a fun hike but not a great running trail.

Total Miles: 3.5
Starting Elevation: 5258
Hightes Elevation: 7190
Ascent: 1932
Runners: David, Sam, Jer and Ryan

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Millcreek Canyon - Millvue Peak

We tried going up to Millvue Peak late last year and were skunked because of the snow. It was nice to get to the top this year. The trail starts at Elbow Fork up Millcreek Canyon. Follow the Lambs Canyon trail until you reach the saddle. The trail up to Millvue is difficult to find and is not travelled much. It heads to the south just before the sign pointing to Lambs Canyon . The trail up isn't too difficult to follow going up the trail. When you get to the ridge if follows east until you can see the peak. We lost the trail a few times but it was easy to catch it again and make it to the top.  Great views from the top of Gobblers Knob, Parleys Canyon, Park City and Salt Lake. We lost the trail numerous times on the way down and it was nice to have a GPS to make sure we didn't get too far off course. Except for the part were my legs felt like jello it was good trail.

Starting Elevation: 6690
Peak Elevation: 8845
Total miles: 4.8
Runners: Jer, Craig and Ryan

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